The Slide as received. All that was done at this point was a quick wipe down, and the extractor installed.

Phase one of the slide. The flats have been polished to get rid of the caliber markings, logo and Importer markings. The rear sight has been fitted, blended with the slide and refinished. All that is left now is to install a new front sight and refinish the slide.

Side view of the slide with the New Front sight installed. In the Photo, the new front sight looks too high, but testing proved this was just right. While I was installing the new sight, an idea occured to me, something I had seen done to a revolver front sight, for shooting at various ranges. The face is grooved, and every other groove is filled with white paint. This gives you precise aiming for longer ranges. In this case, the top of the sight is adjusted for 0 to 15yds. The first line is 25 yds, and the third is set for 50yds. (for PPC matches, and the long shots in some action matches)