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The Bed Holster

by M. Ricci

A good use for the large military holster that comes with many Makarovs is to turn it into a bed holster. This allows the gun to be within arms reach while you're in bed, even while you are lying down, yet it is holstered and concealed under the bed linens. My gun is on my body every day , but when I go to sleep, I put it into the bed holster until the next morning. Here is a step by step guide to doing it:

1. Lay in your bed and dangle your hand down over the side to determine the best place to position your holster. Mark the spot with a piece of tape.

2. Open the big flap on the holster and slide it in between your mattress and your box spring, with the cavity of the holster hanging down alongside your bed. Attach adhesive Velcro strips to both the leather flap, the mattress and box spring to give it extra security between the mattresses.

3. Flip the holster upward and attach an adhesive Velcro strip to the bed frame where the holster contacts the frame and also to the holster.

3. Put your Makarov and an extra mag into the holster and you're good to go.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: This is NOT a safe way to store a gun if you have children in the house at any time.

As an aside, the dots you see on the bottom of my mags, I painted on with Bright Sights paint. The mags that I keep loaded with hollow points have the dots, so I can tell quickly which ones they are. This keeps me from shooting expensive defensive ammunition for range practice and competition.

{EDITOR'S NOTE: The Glow in the Dark Sight Dots could also be used for this purpose, and give the added benefit of making it easy to locate your spare magazine in the dark. Also if you don't wish to store a loaded magazine in the pistol, it would make it easy to find both. Also, the strap of the holster could be trimmed off if desired.}

by M. Ricci
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