Makarov CO2 Pistol


EAA Corporation began importing CO2 Makarovs from the Izhmech Factory in Russia in March 1999. Here are some pictures and information about this pistol.


Designated the model MP654K, this pistol is based on the high-capacity Makarov frame, but altered so that it cannot be easily converted into a real pistol. Many of the internal parts are genuine Makarov, and except for some minor points that give it away as an air gun, the pistol looks and feels like the real thing. Weight: 1.6 lbs.


The MP654K is intended to fire standard .177 caliber BBs propelled by bursts of gas from a standard CO2 cartridge. The 3.75" barrel is rifled and fixed to the frame of the gun.

The heart of the gun is the integrated magazine and CO2 delivery system. The magazine inserts into the gun the same as the standard Makarov, but it contains a spring-loaded BB magazine and a CO2 cartridge storage and valving system.

Once properly loaded, the MP654K is fired like a standard Makarov. The hammer hits a special "firing pin" that actuates a valve in the "magazine". The burst of CO2 from the cylinder forces the BB down the barrel. Nominal muzzle velocity is 380 ft/s. The MP654K can be fired semi-auto to deplete the 13-round magazine.

Excerpts from the Instruction Booklet

Click the link above to see excerpts from the MP654K instruction booklet including a pistol and magazine schematic.


At one time, did some limited edition CO2 Makarovs. These are not available any longer. 

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Model Production Year Qty Made
Original MP654K CO2 Makarov Special Edition - Walnut Grip 2001 25
Original MP654K CO2 Makarov Special Edition - Pearce Grip 2002 25
MP654K - Russian PPM Special Edition 2003 5
MP654K - Black Special Edition 2004 5
MP654K - Gray Special Edition 2004  5


Pictures of the Original Version, CO2 Makarov

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