Bumble Bee / Drozd CO2 Pistol/SMG


EAA Corporation began importing the Drozd select-fire BB submachine gun (SMG) from the Izhmech Factory in Russia in May 2003. Here are some pictures and information about this one-of-a-kind SMG.



Original Drozd shown with Black Stock, the Bumble Bee has
a yellow Stock as shown below.


Designated the model Drozd in Russia, this weapon was given a yellow stock when imported to the US to comply with importation laws and nicknamed the Bumble Bee, and designed so that it cannot be converted into a real SMG.

It has the look and feel of the Bizon III SMG, which is a 9x18 Makarov caliber SMG with a 64 rd magazine. Weight: 3.5 lbs.


The Drozd is intended to fire standard .177 caliber BBs propelled by bursts of gas from a standard CO2 cartridge. The 10" barrel has a threaded lock on the front, which secures it to the frame, and thread on aftermarket attachments will be available soon..

The heart of the gun is the integrated magazine and CO2 delivery system. The magazine inserts into the gun via the pistol Grip, and contains a 30 round spring-loaded BB magazine and a CO2 cartridge storage and valving system. The Bumble Bee's come with a handy Magazine loading tool which holds about 200 BB's and allows the magazine to be loaded in just a few seconds.

Once properly loaded, the Drozd is fired like a standard firearm. The hammer hits a special "firing pin" that actuates a valve in the "magazine". The burst of CO2 from the cylinder forces the BB down the barrel. Nominal muzzle velocity is 380 ft/s. The Drozd can be fired in several modes to deplete the 30-round magazine. This is the first Select fire BB gun available in the USA. The firing modes are single shot, 3 round burst, and 6 round burst.

The Bumble Bee / Drozd uses a two part power system to fire the weapon. The fire control group is electric and powered by 6 AA batteries. A main power switch (Safety) is located just behind the Burst Control Switch. A red LED light comes on to let you know the weapon is charged and ready to fire. On the opposite side is a cycle rate switch, which allows the shooter to choose between 300 RPM (Rounds per Minute), 450 RPM and 600 RPM. At 600 RPM the magazine can be emptied in under 5 seconds.




Click on image at left for larger view of the fire controls.





Click on each image to see larger version:

Bumble Bee with Stock attached, shown with standard CO2 cartridge and the Magazine loading tool which comes with the Bumble Bee.

Bumble Bee in Pistol mode with Shoulder Stock removed.


The Drozd / Bumble Bee Magazine. Shown with CO2 Cartridge inserted.


Closeup shot of the Magazine loader, this handy gizmo allows the magazine to be loaded to the full 30 rounds in less than 10 seconds.


Pictures of Custom Drozds
Click on each image to see larger version:

Custom Bumble Bee with Red Dot Sight and a prototype special barrel adapter with extended muzzle break installed.

Custom Bumble Bee in Pistol Mode with Threaded barrel adapter and Red Dot Sight.


Stock Drozd pistol with Standard Dummy Suppressor and Red Dot sight.


Drozd Pistol with Production Muzzle Break and Red Dot Sight.