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See the review of the Falco holster.

We found a company that is producing high-quality holsters made specifically for the Makarov and other popular handguns. These are made in Slovakia by Falco and an importer brings them into the US. The feature top-grain leather, very sturdy construction, a thumb-break, horizontal positioning, and a perfect fit for Makarov and other pistols. These are not adapted holsters from some other gun...the name of gun for which it's made is stamped right on the back.

Most pictures are of the "single rig." "Single" means that there is only a holster for the gun and none for an extra magazine. The "double rig" holds a spare magazine under the right arm. Right-handed rigs are typically in stock at; left-handed rigs are sometimes in stock. Note that some pictures were taken in a mirror, so they may appear as if they were under the right arm.

 Falco also makes the same shoulder holsters for CZ-52, CZ-50/70, CZ-75/85, CZ-82/83, CZ-97, Glock (17, 19, 21, 22, 23, 26, 29 etc), Beretta 92, Colt 1911, S&W 4" Revolver.


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Also available in black.  Right Hand Version                           Left Hand Version

CZ-52 vertical rig. Single-rig is shown; also available as double-rig and in black.
Note: The CZ-52 vertical holster does not have loops to function as a belt holster.


Makarov Magazine Pouches
Now available...magazine pouches with the quality you've come to expect from Falco.

Here's what customers had to say about the holster:

"The Falco stuff gives up zilch in quality compared to the high priced spread, and it costs a third to half as much. I was nearly jumping up and down when I opened the box and saw mine. When I showed it around, my friends all looked at me and said, "You paid HOW much?"
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"I received the Falco holster (single rig) today. Well, it's fantastic! Perfect fit for pistol and body. Quality of workmanship is flawless, adjustments for holster (level between armpit and waist) well placed --all in all: Great buy! I highly recommend this holster not only to those interested in concealed carry, but for anyone looking to get 'genuine' Makarov accessories."

"The inside the waistband Falco holster for the Makarov that I ordered from you is, to say little, superb. And this comes from a person that was born and raised in Italy, where outstanding quality leather goods IS the norm."

"Just got my new beautiful Mak holster ! Wow ! What a beauty ! Definitely not American made :-)"

"I just wanted you to know that the shoulder rig is first rate. It fits the gun like a glove, and the workmanship is perfect, so far as I can see. It was well worth the wait."

"Say, I got my CZ-75 holster yesterday. Man, what a quality item! The leather is thick and supple, like I haven't seen in this country for some time. Fits the gun like a glove. Even with a 15-rd mag in the gun, and two 15-rd mags in the pouch, it's not heavy or awkward to wear. Tell the distributor that he has a good item on his hands."

"I have a couple of very nice, top quality leather holsters for other pistols, and now my wife has the one she always wanted. This Falco holster is well molded with 2 or 3 layers of strong leather where needed for stiffness. The pockets have had the 'fur' smoothed off, and the stitching is carefully done. I have worn it for only about four hours, but can tell that it will work great after break-in. A good leather holster will always have a 'stiff draw' when new, and this one is tight. I may never wear a shoulder holster, but it gives a woman a good alternative to a purse or fanny pack. As you know, a woman can often get away with leaving her fashionable coat or vest on when a man must remove his or risk looking abnormal. This unit can also be set up to wear as a strong side hip holster with a high ride and forward rake if the straps are removed. That is a nice option that you may not have mentioned."

"Received my Falco holster today and I was very impressed with the workmanship and the value! Love the brown color and especially like the versatility between shoulder and belt holster!"

"I have only one thing to say: *Nice!* Nah, I lied. I'll say something else: "An amazing bargain". I think you're selling these things too cheap. "

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