Fun Stuff

This page is a collection of Makarov and CZ-related things that don't seem to fit anywhere else. We've included some targets, links to our past (and future) postal matches, and other things we hope you enjoy.


Here are several targets that you can print and take to the range. If you have access to newsprint or other porous paper, those will work better than standard photocopy paper. Nonetheless, standard paper will work. Of course, you'll be the best clean holes from semi-wadcutter bullets.

To download files, Windows users can right-click and select "Save Target As...". Targets are available in both .jpg and PDF formats. PDF targets require the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free at the Adobe web site. The advantage of the PDF format is that they're already properly scaled for a standard page.

Postal Match

We occasionally run a Makarov postal match, which allows you to score your best on targets at your range and on your time, then send them in for scoring. 

Makarov Articles

Although we have not had the time to keep this going on a monthly basis, we do have the occasional article written by both customers and staff.

Wax Bullets for Indoor Shooting

Want to shoot your Makarov indoors or in the backyard without freaking out the neighbors? Try casting your own wax bullets, then use a primer-only case to shoot them.

Don't Want to Cast Your Own?
We also carry X-ring rubber bullet sets.  The only downside is that you need to recover the rubber bullets, clean them and reuse them.  See the On-Line Shopping Cart Makarov Page for how to order.

Here's how to mold them:

Here's how to shoot them:


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The mold, newly cast wax bullets, fired wax bullets, and a loaded cartridge Hole in front of box Hole in back of box 6 layers of cardboard penetrated!