Reloading the 9x18 Makarov Cartridge - Load Data for HS6 powder

Bullet Type National Bullet 100 gr lead round nose
Case Starline
Primer Winchester WSP
Cartridge Overall Length 24.0 mm

Powder Charge (gr) MV (ft/s) Std Dev (ft/s) ME (ft-lbs) Comments
6.4 1184 23.5 311 Russian Mak with threaded extended barrel
6.4 1070 14.7 254 East German Mak with stock length barrel

General Comments:

This is quite a potent round, but not abusive. The muzzle compensator does make a difference in terms of muzzle flip with this slow burning powder. Note also the considerable muzzle velocity difference between the longer, tighter barrel and the stock barrel. No doubt the lead round fills the spaces in nicely, thus the decent standard deviation, even at these velocity levels.

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