Reloading the 9x18 Makarov Cartridge - Load Data for HS6 powder

Bullet Type Sierra 100 grain FPJ (flat-point jacketed)
Case Starline
Primer Winchester WSP
Cartridge Overall Length 23.9 - 24.4 mm

Powder Charge (gr) MV (ft/s) Std Dev (ft/s) ME (ft-lbs) Comments
5.7 899 15.6 179 Decent target load (COAL 24.4 mm)
5.9 948 19.9 199 Fairly strong but manageable load (COAL 23.9 mm)
5.9 881 N/A (only 2 shots) 172 Same load as above, fired in FEG SMC-918.
6.1 958 20.7 204 Another promising load. 23.9 mm COAL for this one.
6.1 984 33.43 215 Same load as above, fired in FEG SMC-918.

General Comments:
The 100 grain Sierra FPJ has turned out to be a joy to shoot. This was really an adaptation of a 95 grain load, but the same powder charge works reasonably well for the slightly heavier bullet. Standard deviation for both loads was < 2%, which I find quite good. This one has possibilities of becoming a "pet" load.

As with the Sierra JHP, this one could be taken to 6.3 grains, but is quite nice at 6.1.

One curiosity about the 6.1 gr. load in the SMC-918: the average muzzle velocity is higher than the East German Makarov. I haven't figured this one out yet, but the numbers are clear. Slightly higher standard deviation though.

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