Reloading the 9x18 Makarov Cartridge - Load Data for HS6 powder

Bullet Type Hornady 95 gr XTP-JHP
Case Starline
Primer Winchester WSP
Cartridge Overall Length 24.0 - 24.2 mm

Powder Charge (gr) MV (ft/s) Std Dev (ft/s) ME (ft-lbs) Comments
5.3 643 55.8 (!) 87 Adapted from .380 - very weak (COAL 24.2 mm)
5.5 723 70.9 (!) 110 Still too weak and inconsistent (COAL 24.2 mm)
5.9 963 21.6 196 Similar to Sierra 95 grain load (COAL 24.0 mm)

General Comments:
I adapted this load on the conservative side from .380 data. Apparently, it is much too weak and the velocities show this. The East German Makarov's spring was "flexible" enough to eject every one of these rounds. There was one feed failure, probably because the slide didn't come foward with enough "oomph."

Although I did not load the XTP at 5.7 grains, this is a nice load for the Sierra 95 grain JHP bullet. The 5.9 grain load has real potential. My guess is that 6.1 or 6.2 grains will yield a 1000 ft/s load. That is my next goal. For what it's worth, the XTP factory load yields low 900's ft/sec in my FEG SMC-918.

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