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The Makarov Page - First Annual Postal Match Results

The first annual postal match drew 14 entries, all of which were shot with actual Makarovs (no clones). In fact, there were only Russian and East German Makarovs. Many people responded that they had fun, which was the whole point, of course. Some made clever comments on the targets or accompanying letter. :-)

Most people submitted 3 targets as requested, even though only 2 were scored; some submitted 2 and thus have a 0 score for the third. About half scored their own targets. We only counted X hits on the rapid fire once because of a numerical tie score. Overall scoring was based on the sum of the best 2 slow fire and best 2 rapid fire targets. A perfect score would have been 320 (8 shots on 4 targets, 10 points possible per shot).

The Scores (click here)

What are the winning categories?
Here are the categories and winners:

Gag category winners:

What are the prizes?

Prizes will be sent out in the next few weeks to the addresses we have on file for the winners.

How do I claim my prize?

The only thing we need to know from the winners of the non-gag categories is what size T-shirt you would like. We have sizes M-3XL. Stop by the feedback form and let us know.

When will you have another match?
This one turned out to be a lot of work, but we may run another match this fall. In any case, there will be another next summer.

I entred and got a low score. Now I'm bummed.

We can't all be above average. Besides, you entered! Most people didn't even get off their duffs and participate. Now you also have a reason to get out there and practice instead of just sitting in front of the computer and reading the message board. :-)