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The 2002 Postal Match Results


The second annual postal match drew 17 entries, all but one of which were shot with actual Makarovs (one PA-63).  Stock Makarovs accounted for all but one of the Makarovs with one customized Makarov making up the balance.  Nobody decided to use the CO2 Makarov.

The most popular ammunition was Seller & Belliot 95 gr FMJ, (75% of entries using factory ammo)

Overall scoring was based on the sum of the 1 slow fire and 2 rapid fire targets. A perfect score would have been 200 (a total of 40 shots, 5 points possible per shot).  Scores ranged from 0 to an impressive 199.

Good shooting, guys! (No gals entered...once again, where are ya?)

Many thanks to all who participated, to those who donated prizes, and to George for getting the scoring together quickly.

The Scores (click here)

What are the winning categories?
Here are the categories and winners:





Mark Kimmel


1st Place

Leather Mak Holster, Supplied by Tom Beardmore and Tucker Gunleather, Cleaning Cloth and Ditty bag

Tom Williams


2nd place

Original East German Makarov Manual and Stasi ID Card Case, Cleaning Cloth and Ditty bag

Giuseppe Clemente


3rd Place T-shirt, Cleaning Cloth, Gun Sack, Ditty bag

Spiros Polemis

154 up from 96

Most Improved

Cleaning Cloth, Ditty bag, Gun Sack

Brandon Mermis


High Jr. Shooter T-shirt, Cleaning Cloth, Gun Sack, Ditty bag

Doug Longstaff


1st Non Mak

Univ. Hol., Gunsack, Cleaning Cloth, Ditty bag

Kevin Tillett


Most creative

Range Bottle

Timothy L Kelly


Best Excuse

Range Bottle


How do I claim my prize?

Prizes will be sent out in the next few weeks to the addresses we have on file for the winners.

When will you have another match?
By demand. Let us know if you'd like to see another match held.  A good place to kick that off is by assessing the level of interest on the Gunboards Makarov Forum.