The Makarov Page - Wooden Grip pictures

We ordered a few walnut grips for the 8-round Makarov and took some pictures.

These were available for the Hi-Cap Makarov too!


Click on the thumbnails to get larger picture of each.

8rd Version Hi-Cap Version

Miltex target grips with thumbrest (These were only available right-handed and only made for the 8rd, single stack frame Makarov)

A few other smaller companies have made, or at least tried to make various wooden Makarov Grips over the years, but most end up with the same Problem, cracking along the backstrap under recoil. 

Here are some examples:

Made from Holly, when polished these look just like aged Ivory.  However if allowed to dry out, they would crack pretty quickly.

The best looking, and most rugged Wooden grips for the Makarov to date have come from Dennis Marschalko. 

You can find him at this Link


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