Spring 2008 Postal Match

Link to Final Scores and Winners List

Winners prizes and "Swag" will be mailed out on Wed. May 14th, 2008 
A big Thanks to all that participated in our Final Postal Match

The Premise
We all know it's fun to head to the target range with a buddy and see how well we can hit the target. With Makarovniks spread all over the globe, it's hard to get together all at once. So, we decided to put together a postal match.

Just in case some hoplophobic gun control nuts stumble on this page, a postal match has nothing to do with shooting up a post office or "going postal." The postal part means that the targets are sent through the mail to be scored.

How Does it Work?
Basically, we decide on a standard target that everyone can access and a standard course of fire . Then, according to the rules of the match, you take your targets to the range, do your best, and then submit the targets for scoring. Since nobody can really control who does what, this is largely on an honor system. Please don't abuse it.

What are the Rules?

Yes, I'm sorry...there are lots of rules.  This is the age of litigation.  Please read carefully!

What is the Procedure/How do I Enter?
While each postal match can have its own procedure, here's how we're doing it:

Get the target file and print out at least 3 copies.  You may want to print more for practice.

PDF Version Pistol target - standard pistol target, similar to NRA B2.

PDF Version IDPA Mini target.  You must use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file, which can be downloaded for free at the link provided.

Courses of Fire: (Note, there is no time limit, and pistols may be reloaded as needed)

Target 1 (Mini Bullseye target) - 7 rds @ 7yds, First round DA, last 6 rds single action, two hand or strong hand

Target 2  (Mini Bullseye target) - 7rds @ 15yds, First round DA, last 6 rds single action, All shots fired Strong hand only.

Target 3  (Mini Bullseye target) - 7rds @ 15yds, First round DA, last 6 rds single action, All shots fired Weak hand only.

Target 4 (Mini IDPA target) - 7rds @ 21 yds, All shots Single Action.

Total of 28 rds fired, High possible score is 210 + 35 = 245

Bonus points:

Add one point for every shot in the X ring on the Bullseye targets

Add 5 points if every shot is within the scoring rings on ALL targets

Mark on target:

Fill out 3" x 5" index card with the following:

How do I get the Targets?
Please use the Adobe Acrobat program and target file above.  The targets must be the correct size or you will be disqualified. 

What do I get out of this?
Mainly to have fun. Praise and honors will be bestowed for winners of each category including your name in cyberspace on Makarov.com.   We also be awarding some small prizes donated by Several Gunboards Members, and Makarov.com, LLC

What are the Different Classes ?
These are the current categories. They may expand as we go along:

There will also be some gag category winners.

What are the Prizes?
While we hope to give worthwhile prizes, there are always those who abuse an honor system for the sake of personal gain. The winner, 2nd and 3rd place of each non-gag category will receive prize yet to be determined. If anyone would like to contribute a prize, please drop us a line.  So far the Prize Pool includes;

Makarov Hats - Makarov.com
Hand crafted Magazine loaders for 8rd Makarov Magazines - Timbo of Gunboards
Lots of Stickers - Makarov.com
Pocket Tool - Makarov.com
Keychain LED Light - Makarov.com
RedStorm IWB Holster -  From ???? of Gunboards
Russian 10rd Makarov Magazine - Barinski of Gunboards (no HiCap Makarov's were entered in the match)

What else do I need to know?
Mainly have fun. Don't be too competitive; you're not trying out for the KGB here. We will try to get some correlation between equipment, ammo type, and score to it's important that your mark each target as requested above. Any other information you can give is even better.

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